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What I seek above all is to restore the energy of beings and things.

By the color, the graphics, the spontaneity of the gesture as suspended ...

And therefore my work is symbolic.


My journey


I was born in Biarritz and I was always fascinated by the light of its skies, the changing colors of the ocean, the minerality of its rocks, the immensity of its horizons.

One of my first paintings was a stormy sky (all red!) when I was seven. Painting has been since my earliest childhood my means of expression and my playgroud. After a degree in life and earth sciences to understand the world of life and minerality, I returned to my first love . First a degree in art history to better know the universe of other painters and other civilizations, after two years learning architecture, I work in graphic designer.

Finally, singing and the classical conservatory have led me in parallel for many years in exploring the therapeutic field of voice.

Now after this long loop, I return to the graphic arts that I love so much and that bring me so much pleasure.


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